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Nice Nuts Stainless Steel Axle Nuts

Nice Nuts Stainless Steel Axle Nuts

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At the BMX track everyone has these fancy anodized aluminum nuts. That's nice if you're a 45lb kid in 9x but you are a 250lb monster with more torque that a Mack truck! (yeah, sure) You know it's only a matter of time before those weenie weight aluminum nuts strip out. If you want your wheel to stay in place no matter how your ham hands crank down on the nuts then you need Nice Nuts! 

Nice Nuts are shiny, 17-4 stainless steel for M10 x 1.0 threaded axles. They've been tested by a fellow big guy, me, for over 8 months with ZERO wheel slippage! I don't use chain tensioners either!

15mm hex are for BMX Race and Dirt Jumpers too.

17mm hex to match your rear axle nuts for BMX Street use. AVAILABLE SOON!

17mm hex with M14 x 1.0 threads. AVAILABLE SOON!

$25 for a pair of Nice Nuts shipped in sustainable packaging! USA Only please. Email me at for international shipping.

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